Migrations. On-line information and forms

The migratory card may be filled in and printed at the National Immigrations Department in order for foreigners to enter the country. Furthermore, information regarding all formalities to be complied with by a foreigner to enter and stay in Argentina is therein provided.

For further information go to www.migraciones.gov.ar

The Argentine Government website offers a procedures manual where all the requirements to be complied with to enter the country for studying, exchange or laboral purposes are thoroughly explained.

For further information go to www.argentina.gov.ar, and click on the Procedures heading.

Subsequently, go to the documentation section and then click on the “Migrations-Permits to enter the country” icon.The Argentine Foreign Office website allows checking what countries require foreigners to get a visa and to secure information about how such document may be granted.

For further information go to www.mrecic.gov.ar website, click on the Argentine Foreign Office icon and subsequently on consulate affairs.